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How to Take Care of Your Kitten:

   You got not only charming kitten, but also a new family member who will be there for you 10, maybe 16 years or more years. General principles of maintenance and education of any kitten breeds are similar. Their principle of one thing: do not skimp on the health of the kitten, do not be mindlessly television commercials. To make sure your kitten Briton was healthy, you only brought joy and grief brought no need to properly maintain, feed and provide timely veterinary care. Below is a list of necessary purchases for the kitten. If you chose a kitten in a kennel you will not have to carry it as a question, because you're already carrying, as you will not be caring about where the kitten will go to the toilet and what to feed him.

   For your kitten, you must acquire the following household items: 

• Trays, yes the trays because it is desirable that they have you had at least 2

 • cage

• scratchier

• bowls for food and water

• toys

• desirable house where the kitten can retire (but not necessarily)

• filler Now pass this shopping list for a kitten in detail.


   Why 2 trays? To avoid problems with toilet kitten (sabotage) must purchase 2 tray.

Cat prefers to different types of toilets in separate trays.

This is inherent genetically. It will be easier and easier for you and your kitten.

One of the trays should always be large in size.

Remember that British cats are very large and a small tray, they may simply not fit,

you do not want your adult cat or cat-Briton tried unsuccessfully to fit in "this dipper" resulting in "missed". Among other things, the tray should be enough space for your kitten could "dig."

Just for this purpose genetically pledged help to use filler. If the tray is not enough space to bury, the kitten will be used for back filling walls and floor. Think. Often tattered wallpaper next to a pot of not only say bad manners cat, but the inconvenience of his toilet.

It is much easier and cheaper to invest in a once good toilet (I personally use the toilets closed with bio filters).


   Cat litter must meet the following requirements:

• it should not be crumpled, because little kittens are very curious and did try to eat there.

• It should be easy to use for you Carrying: Its importance can hardly be overestimated.

It is to carry your kitty will go with you to your first trip, in a new house, and in the future when your travel on vacation it will serve you well. Traveling to carry kitten as however already an adult cat feels much calmer When buying a kitten acts for carrying the same rule as in the choice of tray-buy "for growth."


   Bowls for food and water: It seems to me that when purchasing a kitten bowls you can completely rely on your taste, the only remark: ceramic bowls are not particularly durable, break them can not only tune up the kitten, but you are. Plastic bowl with prolonged use lose gloss and brightness of colors.

If you have tile floors, then someone will use you to feed the kitten British-bowl stainless steel with rubber studs.


   Toys: When choosing toys for your kitty-Briton proceed as follows:

they must be without injuring objects (metal springs, etc.).

Avoid buying toys that could hurt the kitten.

And the second point, try not to buy toys for the kitten, make loud sounds.

But this recommendation at this time, I care about you, not about your kitten.


   SLEEP: A place to sleep and rest British kitten chooses according to its own reasons unknown to us. Impose not only British kitten, kitten and generally the place to stay is impossible and unnecessary.After chose a place to stay, you can put there house, basket or bedding.

The only condition is it should not be in a draft or near radiators.

But, be prepared, and to the fact that British kittens prefer to sleep next to you,

but after they never go sleep in their own house.

That is why I pointed out that the acquisition of the house for kitten is not required.

That's because the younger kittens pay a lot of love and attention, everything is allowed to kittens, young Brits grow in an atmosphere of trust in people, other cats and dogs.

Yes, it is dogs. I am also the owner of the charming Pomeranian, this fact allows my real kittens adapt quickly in a family where there is a dog or just plan to acquire it.

The kittens have very stable psyche. Even when the kittens are played, they never let their claws. British kitten in addition to care and good nutrition needs your attention and love that he grew sociable and affectionate. Sleep is very important for the development of a kitten.

British kitten (and adult cat) sleeps most of the day. Less than a kitten, the more sleep, so during sleep is highly recommended not to wake the kitten as it later could reflect badly on the character (aggression, sabotage, isolation, conflict with neighbors and man, immorality).

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