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British Shorthair:

A true find for the business person. Since this breed is one of the natural,

not too actively undergoing changes in order to improve the exterior, it has a good health. The nature of these cats can be praised forever, so it is good.

Their intelligence is proverbial. They are sweet, moderately curious and cute.

While males in English deadpan and cats shy heroines of Dickens.

They not only get along well with other animals, but also alone feel totally comfortable. They do not need constant attention of the host: cat in your absence or cat will have a great time alone. In adverse situations do not show aggression.

This is a very valuable asset when visiting the vet or play with children.

As animals of this breed are very large, especially cats, they have a good appetite.

Care of this cat is very simple: to feed to satiety, occasionally combing wool brush, which is not subject to seasonal molt and not dumped, caress when convenient and, most importantly, love.

Breed history and characteristics of breeding:

 British Shorthair - a very ancient breed. Its main feature is the original texture of wool, which is popularly referred to as plush, powerful backbone of the so-called Cobb-type, developed and filled cheeks branded British smile that gives the appearance of the British general resemblance to toy teddy bear.

This breed is one of the first exhibitions appeared on Britain in the late XIX century.

It is believed that cats like British Shorthair, were brought to the island by the Romans. Today it is a fully-established breed, recognized by all, without exception,

feline organizations worldwide.

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