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                          Welcome to cattery Avivva.

     You’ve found the site where you can have the confidence to       fall in love with a quality British Shorthair and Scottish Fold           kittens! 
     We are breeding British Shorthair and Scottish Fold in                 Montreal since 2000 and we specialize in finding loving  homes     for our kittens all over the world. 
     We only breed shorthair cats which guarantees purebred.           Health, quality and temperament are our watchwords, and  you     can be sure that superior bloodlines are blended here  including     Canadian Champions as well.
     Our cattery offers a variety of colours: classic blue, cream,         black-satin, tuxedo, porcelain (blue and white), and silver               tabby.

     All our stud cats are thoroughly chosen to have a match

  that gives the best possible quality of our litters. We are a               member of Canadian Cat Association (CCA) and  International     Cat Association (TICA).
     ALL male cats live separately from our female cats. That           helps  us to plan the matings accordingly so that no random           litter  occurs.
     Health is one of the most important attributes in our  cattery,     therefore our cats eat food of premium quality only,  they are         constantly checked by our vet, and get their  vaccinations on a       regular basis.​

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